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Welcome to Aquadistri!

Aquadistri is your specialist for aquariums, ponds and Koi. Every week we supply tropical fish, Koi, aquarium plants and accessories for aquaria and ponds to specialist dealers throughout Europe.


Our aim is to make your hobby successful and keep it affordable.


On our site you will find folders and user guides for our products, along with videos that will give you a glimpse of our plants and fish nursery.


Another important feature of the website is our dealer contact data. Use the search function to find a dealer nearby to you, where you can purchase our products and learn more about them.


We wish you a lot of fun with your pond or aquarium!

Home 25XL

The Home 25XL is the latest addition to the Homeaquarium range. The Home 25XL is the only Home model thatis available in the colour red.


AquaPonics is the modern way of fish keeping with respect for nature, the waste of fish provide a nutrient source for plants. The plants use these nutrients and thus keep the water healthy for the fish.

SuperFish Grazing Pod Feeder

In the wild, fish will naturally search continuously for food. The Grazing Pod Feeder simulates this natural behaviour by encouraging the fish to hunt for their food from nudging and returning to the pod whilst this floats in the aquarium.